Effective against the Symptoms of Eczema

Fast relief from itch and irritated skin - proven efficacy - cortisone free
Dexem/eXXema Scalp Lotion - non messy applicator

Dexem/eXXema Scalplotion – non-messy application, for eczema and skin irritation

Dexem/eXXema Scalplotion targets the symptoms of eczema and other forms of irritated scalp, such as itch and red, dry, damaged skin of the scalp. This hormone-free lotion moisturizes and calms the skin. The lotion has been dermatologically tested, is cortisone free and is safe to use on the skin of children.

The lotion has especially been developed to relieve irritations of the scalp. The bottle has been designed to facilitate application of the lotion through the hair onto the scalp.

Dexem/eXXema Scalplotion contains the patented 2QR complex, which promotes the skin's natural skin barrier and blocks bacteria causing a majority of the symptoms associated with eczema and skin irritations (watch 2QR video).

Dexem/eXXema is a medical device - Read the leaflet carefully before using the product.

Dexem/eXxema consists of a product line of four products - Dexem/eXXema Cream, Foam, Emulsion and Scalplotion.

Say Goodbye to the skin irritations of the scalp.