Effective against the symptoms of Eczema

Say goodbye to itch and irrated skin
Dexem/eXXema Foam - to treat large areas of irritated skin

How to use

Apply Dexem/eXXema Foam generously to the irritated skin several times a day (as the condition requires). Apply to the palm of the hand and spread generously over the irritated area. The foam is for external use only.

Dexem/eXXema Foam can be used on reddened, sensitive, irritated or chafed skin caused by, amongst others, eczema and (allergic) skin irritations.

If you are not sure about the nature of your skin condition, please contact your general practitioner. Should the irritation persist, please seek advise from your general practitioner.

For more detailed information please check out the Dexem/eXXema Foam Leaflet.