Rapid relief from Eczema and Skin Irritations

Treat your skin with Dexem/eXXema - proven efficacy

How can Eczema be treated?

Dexem/eXXema: a product line consisting of a cream, emulsion, foam and scalplotion. Designed to relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other forms of skin irritation, such as itching, dry, red and irritated skin. Choose between our Dexem/eXXema products below or in the carrousel on the right.

Dexem/eXXema Repair Cream 30g/60g: designed to treat small areas of skin affected by eczema or skin irritation.


Dexem/eXXema Repair Emulsion: an easily spreadable Emulsion suitable for large areas of irritated skin.


Dexem/eXXema Repair Foam: easily spreadable Foam designed for large areas of irritated skin.


Dexem/eXXema Repair Scalplotion: non-greasy lotion in a bottle designed specifically to apply to the scalp.


The Dexem/eXXema product line contains 2QR. 2QR promotes the skin's natural skin barrier and blocks the bacteria that are causing a majority of the symptoms associated with eczema and skin irritations (watch our 2QR Complex video). The product's moisturizers function to restore the natural barrier properties of the skin and reverse the destructive cycle of eczema and skin irritations.

The exem/eXXema line contains no hormones, no cortisone and is safe to be used on children skin.

Start today treating your eczema and skin irritations with Dexem/eXXema Cream, Foam, Emulsion or Scalplotion.