Rapid relief from Eczema and Skin Irritations

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How can Eczema be prevented?

While eczema is not preventable,there are prophylactic measures to manage the symptoms and lessen the length and severity of an outbreak or flare up.

We suggest observing the following tips:


-    Limit/avoid contact with irritants, such as perfumes, chemicals, detergents, jewelry, soaps etc.
-    Avoid food you may be allergic to, such as shellfish, dairy, gluten, yeast etc.
-    Maintain good skin hygiene
-    Hydrate and moisturize the skin frequently, especially after bathing
-    Avoid over-bathing, bathe in warm not hot water and use mild soap
-    Avoid extreme Temperatures
-    Reduce stress by exercising, meditation, yoga etc.
-    Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes - avoid wool/synthetic
-    Use a humidifier all year round. During winter to fight dry air, and during summer to restore moisture lost due to air-conditioning
-    Keep your bedroom cool - sweating may worsen the itch
-    Avoid prolonged/excessive sun exposure - ultraviolet rays from the sun can be helpful to some eczema sufferers - don't over do it!

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