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What causes Eczema?

The exact causes of eczema are not fully understood but are thought to be related to a number of factors. Eczema has been linked to genetics, external factors such as irritants and allergens and even to emotional factors such as stress. These factors are somehow associated with the malfunctioning body's immune system. This failure of the skin's immune system has been linked to low levels of one type of cytokine and the overproduction of other cytokines. (Cytokines regulate the immune system). This causes the skin's immune system to attack itself, resulting in an inflammation of the skin and thus leading to eczema.

Eczema and skin irritations tend to come and go. Factors that may trigger the condition include but are not limited to:

-    Genetics
-    Allergens and irritants such as soap, perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals, dyed clothing or even sweat
-    Food allergies
-    Nickel as found in coins, buttons, eyeglass frames
-    Poor circulation, for example in legs
-    Stress
-    Changes in temperature or humidity
-    Other allergic conditions such as asthma or hay fever
-    Weakened immune system, AIDS


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