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What is Eczema?

Eczema is a general term for a number of conditions associated with an inflammation of the skin. The condition comes in many forms, varies from person to person and affects all races and ages. It is however most common in infants and children and resolves itself in about 50% of cases by age five. In the other 50% it may recur throughout life.

Atopic dermatitis, the most prominent form of eczema is characterized by dry, itchy skin. It is a non-contagious inflammation of the skin. Frequently related to some form of allergy, which may include foods or inhalants. There are many other types of eczema. For example contact eczema, triggered by soap, perfume or the rash that could appear when getting in contact with poison ivy. Very common are seborrheic eczema, known as dandruff and the skin irritation diaper rash.

Eczema can develop on any particular patch of skin over the body and can occur in forms from a mild itch to thick plaques of raised skin. Constant scratching may cause the skin to break open and allow bacteria to enter the skin. This may result in infections of the skin.

The area affected by eczema generally varies with age. Young children often develop eczema on the face, head torso and limbs. Older children often have irritations on their wrists and inner elbows, the back of the knees and the tops of ankles. Knees, elbows, necks, scalp, elbows, and buttocks may continue to be problematic areas into adulthood.

Eczemas are usually quite uncomfortable but not dangerous or life threatening. It is believed to be partially genetic and therefore common to be found in members of the same family.

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